Are You Mineralized?

When it comes to your health there is no single panacea. Health is an combination of thoughts, actions, and various aspects of one’s lifestyle that combine together synergistically to produce the net health one experiences every day.

Many people often first consider exercise, diet, and healthy stress management important aspects of experiencing a health. Often, no one thinks of how invisible electromagnetic fields (EMF) effects their health and stress levels until they have a compromised immune system and become more sensitive to it.

Blushield technology is great in how it helps to protect you from negative EMF radiation, and synchronizes your body to more beneficial signals that harmonize the body in a way where the cells no longer perceive the EMF as a threat (as seen in our cow study in Auckland New Zealand) .

But let’s face it. There are many things that we need to look at that help the body thrive in a world full of increasing EMF radiation.

If you want a supreme level of health, you have to stack many different practises together.

I actually became the USA Blushield importer because of the other work I do in herbalism and wellness education.

Prior to Blushield, I have been running a company called Shen Blossom that focuses on the highest possible quality, small batch produced, traditionally prepared herbal extracts, formulas and whole food nutrition products that are formulated by practitioners with a lineage going back 30 generations.

Not your average organic supplements one finds at their health food store.

Shen Blossom focuses on education centered around using practices like taking herbs, meditation/mind mastery, Tai Chi and Qi gong, and connecting with nature to naturally charge and amplify ones bio-field using traditional techniques.

When I found Blushield, I was blown away by the innovation and REAL quantifiable effects demonstrated on not only humans but animals as well (which I had never seen any other EMF protection company put their tech up scrutiny of long duration animal testing, let alone anyone experience detox effects from the body reallocating immune power to healing the body).

I knew immediately that Blushield was critical piece in one’s health and longevity lifestyle.

Though the process of distributing Blushield EMF protection devices, I have made some recommendations to folks who were experiencing the temporary detox effects of the devices who have made exceptional gains in not only feeling better, but feeling WAY better. In many aspects of life, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Today, I want to mention one product there that might serve you well…

Bio-compatible minerals.

Electrolytes, such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc., are how your body runs electrical components as they dissolve into positive and negative charges in the body.

And no, you shouldn’t be getting these from Gatorade!

Furthermore, every cellular enzymatic reaction as well as several metabolic, hormonal, and immune processes relies on these and other trace minerals to work.

In short, a lack of mineralization means a lack of health, and lack of cellular vitality.

There are many places you can get minerals. The food you eat is going to be your main source. Unfortunately, even if you eat high quality, organic foods, the soil (where the minerals come from) is lacking and have been for decades in many areas where they are commercially grown.

So, I wanted to share my favorite mineral supplement with you.

Biocean Pure Marine Plasma

The greatest thing about this is how it matches up so closely to your blood plasma and extracellular fluid.

And I know you may be thinking, can you trust ocean water to be clean?

Only when it’s done right.

You can check out the full details about how that is done and more about Biocean Pure Marine Plasma here.

Brandon Amalani

P.S. I believe that mineralization like this works synergistically with Blushield as well as high grade Adaptogenic herbs (which we will cover in a future post). When your body has sufficient materials in the proper ratios, it will help to allow the functioning of cells, plus support the detox that these devices can bring. Minerals are essential to the body. Since I recommend them to people who ask me about them, I wanted to recommend the best quality, most bio-available version I could find for you.