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It is clear that humans have an affinity for Phi, as it seems to be weaved into our very structure! Although humans have a tendency to create beautiful works of art, architecture and music by subconsciously utilizing Phi, not everything humans have created is even close to Phi.  Some of our creations are very, very far from it.

Human-made electromagnetic fields, if we were able to see and hear them, would not appeal to our sense of aesthetics at all.  They are static, infinitely repeating frequencies.  If they were audible to us, they would drive us crazy.  They might sound like a loud car alarm that never turns off, an alarm clock, or high-pitched screeching.  These types of frequencies are not compatible with our bodies.  Our bodies like the frequencies of nature, which express the complexities of Phi and other natural patterns.

This is why Blushield utilises the Phi ratio as a foundational aspect of the infinitely varied, multiple waveform output of its microprocessors.

As more 5G technology is on the verge of being rolled out all over the world, Blushield has prepared for this increasingly harmful and abrasive element by developing a new version of the Ultra unit:  the Premium Ultra.  The Ultra, itself, is already the most powerful Blushield model, in terms of strength and area of coverage.  The Premium Ultra has the Phi ratio more pronounced, specifically designed to provide more protection to our cells from this stress.

All other Blushield models emit an ever-changing multiple waveform every 30 seconds, which is more than sufficient to entrain our bodies to the Blushield and ignore the human-made EMFs.  As the stronger, higher frequency, with more pulsations of the new 5G technology being rolled out which will be more densely placed throughout cities and towns, it is appropriate to combat this with a constant emission of natural frequencies modelled after Phi.

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