Blushield Plug-in

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The Plug-in model comes with 4 different international plug types and has a 45 metre radius area in all directions (90 metre diameter). This model is recommended for homes with low to medium EMF levels. As the strength of the device is more significant than the radius covered, the Cube is recommended as a minimum for most homes in Australia.
D 90mm x 60mm x 45mm, W 80g.

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The Blushield Plug-in is recommended for: some homes where exposure to EMF is low; some long-term sufferers of EMI ( Electro Magnetic Illness); people on a lower budget.

It is always best to at least match the intensity of your EMF environment, however, we understand that: many people are not fully aware of the effects from EMF; one person in a household may suffer terribly with EMI while others in the household may not have an understanding of the suffering; and some have lower budgets.  Many people can feel EMF, yet most cannot.  Most people have symptoms from EMF exposure but some do not.  Many have symptoms from EMF exposure but do not attribute them to EMF exposure.  Some people can feel the Blushield coherent field yet most do not.

To ensure all people can be protected at any understanding or budget level, we provide the Blushield Plug-in.  You can still be protected from EMF exposure with the Plug-in, but possibly not as adequately as we recommend for your individual EMF environment. We know however that once you go over your personal EMF tipping point (EMF exposure is cumulative), it can be a long and costly challenge.

Blushield technology releases a coherent field every 30 seconds so the body can function how it was meant to, naturally. With an area of coverage 45 metres in every direction, this model can be plugged into a central location within your home. The Plug-in will flash a soft light every 30 seconds.

We recommend to first start with one of our several plug in type models and use our portable devices solely for venturing outside the home protected area. The plug in type models offer a stronger and larger area of protection for your home as they are powered by electricity and the portable devices are powered by a battery. You can have the enhanced U1 Ultimate Portable or the Blushield Portable as the companion portable.

This new multi-wave scalar waveform configuration offers protection from the many different types of EMF including radio frequency radiation, microwave radiation and ‘dirty electricity’ and lower 5G. A few people may experience a minor detox while initially using this product, and most will not. This may be due to the release of stress on the body from EMF and also the immune system normalising.


  • Designed protection from Wi-Fi and general EMF
  • Coverage 45m in every direction (90 metre diameter sphere)
  • Comes with multiple interchangeable plug adapters for different countries’ power outlets
  • White ABS case
  • Size 90mm x 30mm x 40mm
  • Weight 75g
  • Uses multiple scalar waveform output
  • May help to maintain a level of alertness
  • May promote emotional stability
  • May enable restful sleep
  • Easy to install. Plug it in and turn your power switch on.

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