MOBILE 5G U1 Portable



Mobile U1 Ultimate Portable 5G

The latest in 5G protection, introducing the U1 made from a solid block of premium alloy. Our most popular portable, the U1 second edition model is next level in quality and protection standard. Molded to a very high finish, anodized in a beautiful deep aqua color. The U1 Portable will protect from 3G 4G 4G+ and 5G between protected zones. Airplane safe. Protection Strength – Level 5.

The U1 Second Edition comes with its own USB C cord.   Please NOTE a medium charge adaptor is recommended rather than a fast charge adaptor. The U1 Ultimate Portable model is for mobile phone use and when away from your B1/U2/C1  protected area and is not intended for use inside your home or office as a substitute for the Cube/Ultra models.

For those who require the best, the U1 is your solution to portable 5G protection and can remain charged for up to 5 days.


D: 45 mm x 95mm x 9mm  W: 110g

The Blushield Ultimate Range has 4 portables: T1, W1, X1, U1.

T1 Portable –  Silver in colour. Radius is 5 metres in all directions. Has an ON/OFF switch. Can last up to 2 days before requiring recharge.

W1 Watch – Radius is 3 metres in all directions.  Has an ON/OFF switch.  Can last up to 2 days before requiring recharge.

U1 Portable – Deep Aqua in colour. Radius is 5 metres in all directions. Stronger and most efficient battery.  Can last up to 5 days before requiring recharging.  ULTIMATE of the ULTIMATE PORTABLES.

Weight 100 kg

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