Value 5G Pack – U2 Ultra & T1 Portable – High EMF



Normally $2630 the Ultimate U2 Ultra was the product tested in the recent  ground-breaking study that showed statistically significant results.  An effective EMF protection technology must be powered, use scalar waves and incorporate Blushield technology.

All Blushield EMF Protection devices are the only technology in the world that addresses the information component from EMF that is really doing most of the damage.

As one of the three leading world EMF experts, Professor Magda Havas stated in 2019, it is the ‘information interference’ from EMF that is doing most of the damage at the most important cellular and sub-cellular communication level.

Passive devices such as shielding, curtains, plates, stickers, clothes etc do nothing to protect us from the damaging information interference.  They are trying to block the radio waves and microwaves.  If they truly blocked EMF none of your devices would work. This ‘information interference’ can even go through a Faraday Cage.  Faraday Cages can block radio waves and microwaves, however the detrimental EMF information field is still going through. If you use electricity, electronics or wireless the problem will always exist and Blushield is the only technology that can cancel out the damaging information effect on the body.

To be able to cancel this detrimental information component’s effect on your body, a technology must of course be powered. Fortunately Blushield technology, being a scalar wave technology, can even go through a Faraday Cage and protect against the the ‘information’ component doing most of the damage which is the long-term, undesirable and life-threatening biological effects on our brain and body.

In 1899 when Nikola Tesla released a scalar wave, he was to understand, which was later validated by physicists, that there is (in layman’s terms) an information component on every radio wave, microwave and millimetre wave.  It has been known for decades that this is the problem.

To counter this life-destructive information component from powered human-made EMF, Blushield constantly places us in a coherent field where our body can repair and heal with life-supporting information without EMF information interference.

Normally using a stronger Blushield product than your EMF environment is recommended. However,the U2 Ultra may not be for some people suffering from EHS – Electro Hyper Sensitivity (now termed EMI – electromagnetic illness).  If you are severely affected from EMF or very sick, the B1 Cube is recommended. If you are experiencing a detox (harmless) quicker than you would like or an underlying health issue becomes apparent as your body is trying to normalise to a better state of health, graduating the product in, in 4-8 hourly ON/OFF time slots is suggested.  Many people do not go into detox yet some find that after detoxing for many years removing the EMF factor (EMF can inhibit repair mechanisms) allows the body to detox further.

Everyone is different and it is the state of the health of the individual that determines what occurs when the body is normalising to a better state of health. Some very sensitive people to EMF feel calmer straight away and wouldn’t be without the U2. Most people do not feel EMF and therefore most people do not feel any different in the Blushield field. However, everyone is affected by EMF and as exposure is cumulative you don’t want to go over your personal EMF tipping point, as it can be a very time-consuming and costly experience seeing health professionals who are still not aware of the EMF exposure connection. Some people have symptoms that they know are related to EMF exposure yet many have symptoms from exposure and are unaware of the EMF factor.    EHS is now termed Electro Magnetic Illness (EMI) as EHS implies that it is the person who has the problem rather than it is EMF exposure that is causing the symptoms.    Over 100 symptoms have been documented since 1972 which include: fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, feeling of discomfort, difficulty concentrating, depression, memory loss, visual disruptions, irritability, hearing disruptions, skin problems, cardiovascular, dizziness, loss of appetite, movement difficulties, nausea.  Symptoms from exposure to EMF dropping off can allow one to gain a clearer picture of their health.

Coverage – The Ultimate U2 Ultra has a radius of 90 metres in all directions (240 metre diameter sphere).  The Ultimate U2 Ultra is twice as strong than the Ultimate B1 Cube. Protection Strength -The strongest Protection Strength at Level 9.

Recommendation – We are all exposed to EMF and the Ultimate U2 Ultra is recommended as a minimum for many homes today, and workplaces.

Profile – The Ultimate Ultra U2 model comes in a black  case, crafted into a timeless creation that will last for years to come that is table-mounted via a soft 3M pad. Four international plug types are included in the package – AUS, US, EU, UK.

Operation – Operation is very simple. Plug the power supply into a dedicated wall socket mains outlet and keep it on 24/7/365. Do not use this model in wet areas or touch the power pins after removing the socket as there is risk of minor electric shock.








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