Blushield is unique in the EMF protection market.  The vast majority of devices claiming to protect you against EMFs attempt to block the EMFs before they reach your body, supposedly shielding you from the harmful radiation.  Therefore, to validate their claims, these devices rely on tests to show, using a radio frequency (RF) meter, how much the frequency is reduced when the device is active.  Very few (maybe none) of these devices have been tested to see how they affect the biology of humans and other living beings. You can read more on if it is actually possible to block EMF or not here.

Since Blushield relies on scalar fields for its effectiveness, and not the measurable electromagnetic fields, different tests are required to show Blushield’s effectiveness.  To get straight to the point of why we use these protection devices in the first place, Blushield testing has focused on the effects of this technology on humans and animals.  Instead of blocking EMFs, Blushield protects biology at the cell level by providing a stronger field of coherent, nature-based scalar fields, to compete against the incoherent fields of the manmade devices.  Since the multiple Blushield waveforms are more natural to our bodies, the cells in our body entrain and “listen” to these fields, and our cells begin to literally ignore the harmful frequencies.

Human testing is powerful because we can relate to the results and see what kinds of things may happen for us with the same stimulus.  This is why urine analysis testing (to demonstrate organ function and stress level before and after using Blushield) and live blood cell analysis (to test markers of sickness and health in the blood) have been done.

The downside to human testing is the slight potential for psychosomatic factors to come into play;  such as, someone being tested who believes the Blushield will work, and their optimism improves their physical results or their perception of their results.  Alternately, someone who doesn’t believe this technology will work could potentially reduce the benefits on their body just with their doubt, or will downplay or deny any positive results.

This is why animal testing is equally important to human testing.  Animals cannot have psychosomatic factors, so these studies could be considered truly neutral by anyone who suspects there are psychosomatic factors in play with the human studies.

Here are the four diverse studies currently available on Blushield’s effectiveness on living organisms.  They all show impressive benefits in a number of surprising areas.



Human Live Blood Cell Analysis


Human Urine Analysis



Poultry Farm 1-Year Study


Dairy Cow Somatic Cell Count Tests