Blushield Overview




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My name is Brandon Amalani and we’re going to be discussing our EMF protection products from Blushield. These devices have been developed over the last 30 years.

I’m going to be covering the different options and which may be more suitable for your particular situation. There are two main categories. We have the home units or the power wall plugin units. And then we have the portable units. These two devices vary greatly in strength. It can have the voltage stepped up quite a bit to where these are a lot more powerful of a signal. And then the portables are designed to keep your body in trained when you’re outside of your protective zone.

The basic entry level plugin device is called the plugin, and this is the device that’s made out of a polymer plastic casing, and it just has the circuit board and the microprocessor. It’s very lightweight, it’s easy to travel with, and it’s about six times more powerful than the portable devices.

blushield plugin for emf hypersensitivity

The Cube, in my opinion, is the best all around home unit. If you live in a house and you’re exposed to more than four or five wifi signals, or within two miles of a cell tower, or have smart meters on your house, then the cube, if it’s within budget, is the ultimate choice. It’s great for family houses and larger size houses.

cube to protect when living near power lines

The Ultra is designed more for office buildings, warehouses, a places where you have banks of smart meters or otherwise a lot of electromagnetic radiation in the environment. These devices are pretty much overkill for home use, but they can be used if somebody has become sensitized to it.

These home devices have an acclimation period of about 8 to 14 days. What this means is that within that 8 to 14 days, the body will start seeking out the signal in the environment and attuning to it through a process called sympathetic resonance. Every 30 seconds it’s creating multiple pulse waves, scalar waves, that have millions of frequencies within the human response range embedded into them. They’re delivered to the body at the cellular level in a way that we experience frequencies in nature. Essentially, what Blushield technology is doing is it’s taking how we experience these frequencies in nature and amplifying it enough to where it can compete with the EMF.

The beauty of this technology is that it works at the cell level. This is a really important key factor. We’re exposed to EMF signals in the environment that are repetitive and not natural, or what we call non-native EMF. The amplitude doesn’t oscillate, it doesn’t change in a way that everything changes in nature. So this dynamic microprocessing technology never stimulates your body with the same combination of frequencies twice with the same amplitude twice. The scalar waves are able to deliver it over time and space without losing power over distance like traditional Hertzian waveforms do.

These are very potent devices in the sense that they’re able to entrain with the body and the body stops responding to the EMF. It doesn’t change anything or modify any of the EMF and the environment. What it does is it stimulates your body in a way to where your body stops perceiving the EMF as a threat.

This is a big deal because that’s where a lot of your immune power goes. Some people are genetically gifted and they have a lot more robust immune systems, better genetics, things of this nature so they can feel fine for a lot longer in life. But some people are on the edges of that bell curve and they are severely immune compromised and when the immune system is compromised to that degree, they feel the effects of EMF more than an average person would.

When the body stops attacking or trying to fight the EMF, which we see in the cow studies, especially with the somatic cell count normalizing after plugging the Blushield in. Somatic cell counts are an immune response to a like a pathogen or when the body ramps up immunity to try and fight something off like a cold or flu virus. The somatic cell or inflammation markers basically came down to within normal range, after plugging in Blushield for about 8 to 10 days on animals. Animals can’t have a placebo effect. The body reallocates the immune power that it would otherwise use on fighting off EMF and it starts healing the body and just creates a massive cellular vitality in the system.

These devices are what you want to plug into your house and get used to. And then the portables are something that you want to use when you’re outside of your protective zone. So when I fly, when I go to the store, or if I go to just run the basic errands or go to meetings, I always have the portable on me. And this particular portable has an alloy frame. You hold the button down, super simple and then the lights light up on the left hand side and it starts flashing a pulse.

Again, it’s not on all the time. It’s going to be flashing and pulse every 30 seconds or so. And that’s just kind of an ideal ratio of timing to create the best response on the cellular level and have the body, physical body responds to it.

And then because I shut the portable off when I come into my house, this one will last weeks on one charge. Usually six to eight weeks at a time.

That’s the overview, if you’re looking for EMF protection, your key go-to are going to be the home units and then the portables are going to be a secondary because they’re strong enough to keep the body entrained when you’re outside of this field, but they take quite a bit longer to get that entrainment process happening if you’re only using these devices. Not to say they won’t work, it’s all the same code, algorithm, the same type of technology. It’s just you’re getting six times the power in a plugin and then you’re getting double that power with a cube and double that power with an ultra. So I hope you found this useful.

If you have any questions on which product that you think is best for you, feel free to contact us.