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In modern society, mobile phones are a necessity. It is a device that gives us convenience in terms of communication, and it is also considered as an instrument that helps generate income. It is an essential tool that people use to make their day to day endeavours prolific. But as vital as mobile phones can get, it is also one of the causes of society’s health issues.

On a physical aspect, with the rampant use of electronic devices in almost every possible home available on the planet, new chronic diseases have arisen. Most of these illnesses are triggered because of electromagnetic field exposure, and the number of individuals who are affected has radically increased. The direct target of these harmful waves is pregnant women. By nature, infants are most susceptible to damage since their vital organs are still in a deliberate process. According to doctors, these early stages are crucial in a child’s growth since this is also a period dedicated to perfecting the structure of the brain and moulding the child’s cognitive intelligence.

Some studies have shown that the electromagnetic field can delay an infant’s brain development. Thankfully, Blushield Australia provides EMF phone protection. We are dedicated to helping you and your family from the dangerous waves of the electromagnetic field by supplying high-quality and durable devices that help lessens negative effects to our bodies, especially ones that are derived from mobile phones.

The light that comes from the screens of mobile phones and other hand-held gadgets is called “Bluelight”. It possesses the highest energy of electromagnetism and the shortest wavelength under the light spectrum. This blue light is categorised under the violet light, therefore making its invisible ray dangerous for it contains ultraviolet (UV) rays. Although there are some benefits found in short-term exposure to UV lights, over-exposure can cause insomnia especially to pregnant women, which results to slow development of infants. It can also cause skin disease and eye problems such as photokeratitis, which is why it is important to have EMF phone protection at home.

Also, in some cases, reduction of exposure from blue light can help treat mothers to deal with postpartum depression. Sleep hormones and melatonin are essential elements for new mothers to cope with childbirth. But the levels of these vital components lessen the longer we stay under the rays of blue light. It can result in sleeping deprivation and insomnia. And lack of sleep is proven to weaken the immune system and decrease neuron activities. To have a healthy pregnancy, exercise daily, eat the right kind of foods, take vitamins, and, as much as you can, stay away from UV and EMF waves.

Start protecting your children’s health right now! To view available EMF phone protection devices and anti-radiation home machines, visit us today at Blushield Australia for more information.

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