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Memory loss is common in adults ranging from 60 years old to above. It is a normal occurrence for seniors since they often experience a decrease in blood flow due to lack of physical activity. Lethargy is the result of a poor body fluid circulation, which affects the figural memory. But the most surprising fact about the modern age is that young adults are now experiencing short or long-term loss of memory. They tend to be forgetful at most times, and they also lack focus.

Radiation can trigger premature memory loss. To avert further damage, Blushield Australia offers the most advanced EMF reduction products in today’s market. We provide tech devices that are suitable for home, office, and business use that comes in many variations, with different area coverage depending on the type of plugin machines in use. We also supply you with mobile and portable anti-radiation tools that are light-weight and easy to carry, anytime and anywhere for your convenience.

A study was conducted by researchers at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in 2015 about the effects of radiation on adolescents who are a frequent user of digital instruments. And it is proven that figural memory loss is related to the excessive presence of electromagnetic waves. But what is an electromagnetic field? What are the effects of long-term exposure, and can EMF reduction products help us?

Electromagnetic field, or also known as EMF, is a kind of invisible ray emitted from electrically charged elements. The production of radiation takes place when vibrations and movements of these electrical components occur. Examples of these electrically charged elements are power cables and wiring outlets, metal coils inside spring beds, and everything that revolves around live connections, especially EMF frequencies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other tethering devices. Its effects may vary from person to person, but the results can also manifest during the early stage.

Researchers are now warning us about the constant use of mobile phones and hand-held gadgets for it can heighten the case of memory loss. And it affects not only the adolescents but also every person with electrical gears, home appliances, and even television sets and transistor radios. Aside from premature figural memory loss among young adults, common health issues related to EMF exposure are recurring headaches or migraines, an increase of heart palpitations, degeneration of eyesight, depression, and anxiety. Radiation can even have severe effects on the development of babies during a mother’s pregnancy stage.

So, start protecting your future by taking care of your health now! As the famous quote states, “prevention is better than cure.”

For more information about the prevention of radiation and EMF reduction products, visit our official website at Blushield Australia and talk to us today.

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