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Our cellular gadgets have become an extension of our life, and as cliché as that sounds, most people consider it as a fact. We carry our phones wherever and whenever we want, we use it as an instrument for our recreational activities, and it can be considered as a tool that gains income. These high-tech gadgets may offer us significant help and convenience, but there might be a catch.

A group of German scientists have found a connection between radiation and eye damage. A study in 2001 indicated that the exposure of radiation from mobile phones could create a tumour in the layer that covers the iris. This occurrence could lead to eye cancer. And too much EMF exposure can increase the rate of patients with uveal melanoma and cataracts, and also threatening diseases, including brain tumours.

We may supply our loved ones with organic goods, allot time for physical and mental exercises and provide a home with reliable security services, but how do we make sure our family is safe from radiation? Discover Blushield EMF. It is an advanced scalar technology and quality product from Blushield Australia.

EMF is said to be found in mobile phone, computer screens, microwave appliances, signal towers, and even on electrical cables and power line sources – devices that we consider as useful tools. Therefore, it makes radiation exposure inescapable. Thankfully, there are electromagnetic field devices or Blushield EMF tools from Blushield Australia that help emit scalar forces to combat the harmful waves by neutralising the radioactivity present in our vicinity.

Among the five human senses, our eyes play a vital role. Almost half of our brain is devoted to the sense of sight. We use it at most times while we are awake, and it helps us accomplish tasks. It is one of the most hard-working organs in our body, for it can function at any given moment without having time to rest. An organ so small yet we depend on it with our life. But as powerful as our eyes may be, they are also considered among the most fragile organs for they are only protected by a thin layer of skin called the eyelids. They are nothing like other essential body parts, which are located inside our body, protected by skin, muscles, and bones.

Our eyes are the windows to our soul. It is delicate, which is why we must protect it at all cost.

To guarantee the protection of your eyes and the safety of our health, contact us at Blushield Australia for more information about Blushield EMF and scalar waves security.

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