Interview with Blushield Founder Mark Langdon

In the above interview I had the pleasure to interview Mr. Mark Langdon who is the founder and co-developer of the Blushield Tesla Gold Series EMF protection devices.

Mark as been developing and working with EMF protection devices for over 25 years and has designed and created some of the most sophisticated and effective EMF protection devices utilizing modern microprocessing technology.

In this interview we cover:

  • How Nasa originally figured out the importance of the earth’s electromagnetic field in regards to human health
  • The evolution of the Blushield technology and how the mulit-wavefrom microprocessing technology came to be.
  • Why it is impossible to physically block EMF (even though a meter may measure a decrease in field strength)
  • What scalar energy is and the unique crystal photonic scalar method that Blushield pioneered
  • EMF and it’s epigenetic consequences
  • Why pendants, stickers, and stones don’t really work for EMF protection
  • Active EMF protection technology vs Passive
  • How Blushield’s Algorithms are programmed to follow natural laws
  • The development of 5g wifi cities and why we need something that works long term at the cell level
  • Results of human blood and urine tests as well as results from 1 year studies on factory farm chickens and cows grazing near wind turbines in New Zealand

If you would like to learn more about Blushield EMF protection devices and read more about the testing and technology click here now