New findings about Blushield Tesla Gold

It’s interesting to get feedback from customers and people who experience for the first time the Tesla Gold products and we see a pattern emerging as to what is really happening.

We have had several comments from people (healers) who have said it has disturbed their ‘light bodies’ and literally they feel out of sorts or shaken for a period of time. Interpretation may not be positive as the process is not understood by these people and they put their own meaning onto it. All healings of any kind can shake you up a little but this is the bodies natural process of reordering and must be gone through in order to realign.

In some people this appears as older health conditions resurface and show themselves, or existing conditions appear worse for a period of time. Also extra sensory perception appears to become heightened for a period of time before settling down again. Some people become more sensitive to peoples energies and emotions and sometimes ‘feel’ a great deal more than they did before. Its like sifting the wheat from the chaff. If a person has been out of alignment so to speak all their life, or for many years, then they do not know what being in alignment feels like. They have lost touch or have never experienced true coherence, balance and everything being in alignment before, so are never familiar with it.

When this readjustment takes place some more sensitive people (healers) may freak out and say ‘oh my god what’s happening to me!, my light bodies are being disturbed’ what really is happening is a reshuffling is taking place and it is for the better. People who do not understand this process may freak out and rightfully they do. The best thing you can do during this adjustment period is go through with it. A cleansing on all levels is taking place and it is truly magical.

Well this readjustment of your entire bodies systems, everything from the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects (not necessarily in that order) is being rearranged, hence the feeling of being out of sorts. After time this process completes and you feel like your on a completely different level health wise. Mentally more sharp, emotionally more stable, physically more resilient, spiritually more sensitive yet powerful.

This process can take some time and in my personal experience its is still happening but I feel it is nearing completion. I had asthma since a child and in the last 2 months it appears to have disappeared altogether and my last physical symptoms where swollen feet. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for this yet it was happening. (My osteopath told me it was from an old injury, well I did fall off my motorcycle when I was 19 and that was more than 26 years ago) no matter what remedies I tried it never left till whatever needed aligning was complete. We call these return of old symptoms phantom symptoms, they appear real but are just the memory of old injuries or conditions.

I spend all day almost sitting in front of a Tesla Gold Large Area model and this I feel has sped up the process. It must be 6 months since I started using this model but do I sleep like a baby. I go to bed at midnight and wake up at 7am like clockwork. Sleeping quality has become deeper and more refreshing, so this appears to alter in a positive sense, my circadian rhythm.

Now these phantom symptoms come in waves or like the layers of an onion. Heard that before? Yes well the first to come is the last to go, and some people report its like a trip back in time. Latest symptoms disappear first with long standing problem’s going last. Just drink plenty of good clean water during this time and take some supplements like magnesium chloride and iodine which may help you through the process. Its worth doing because after your body has gotten rid of old stuff you feel younger, look younger and people will see the difference in you.

If you have experienced similar things please email us and tell us your personal story, we are always interested to hear your point of view.

CEO and Founder