Passive Protection vs Active Protection

Not all EMF Protection devices are created equal. Check out the differences between the inferior passive devices and our Electronically Active range.


Passive Devices

Devices which use no power or electrical source to generate an electric field.

Passive devices maybe coils, pendants, wands, pyrimads or similar static symbols. They pick up surrounding frequencies and re-emit them.

Passive devices use the surrounding EMF which could be your body’s EMF or the strongest influence, which maybe EMF radiation from appliances. The body responds to the strongest influence which could be harmful EMF’s.

Passive devices have no control on what the product emits. These frequencies could be negative or positive and ultimately long term use shows to be damaging.

Long term use causes irritating dripping water effect. Drip drip drip drip drip …gets on your nerves a bit doesn’t it?

Passive devices often claim to amplify the bodies natural field. How can this be possible when no electronic amplification circuitry is used?

Coils tend to deplete the body of minerals like magnesium and calcium. This only happens if the body is under stress. Therefor these passive devices must put the body under more stress.



Active Devices

Devices which produce their own field or use power to generate an electic field.

Active devices use a power source in order to emit an electric field that will influence the body.

The Blushield generates its own field which is a stronger influence than surrounding harmful EMF. The body responds to the strongest influence. In this case the Blushield.

Blushield emits tried and proven frequency ranges that respond to the 7 major tissue types within the body. These frequencies are known to give positive effects.

Blushield has natural break in the output of frequencies, it actually gives the body a rest from the hum drum of surrounding frequencies. This actually makes Blushield 10 times more effective than if it didn’t have a break. Long term use shows that people continue to benefit from the Blushield.

The Blushield generates a constant field that has already been amplified electronically.

The Blushield causes the body to normalise and therefor the body will use up less minerals like magnesium and calcium. This shows the body is under less stress.