Men you need to read this!

In 2004, scientists discovered that laptop usage could dramatically reduce a man’s sperm count, sometimes resulting in permanent infertility. At the time, it was theorized that the heat generated by the device was solely responsible, but new research in 2011 suggests that there’s more to it than that. Argentinian researchers published a study in the journal Fertility and Sterility showing that the strong EMF radiation emitted by WiFi-enabled laptops could be large contributing causes of erectile dysfunction and infertility.

More recently, this month additional research has been completed showing just how dangerous EMF radiation can be to men’s health. Researchers in Austria and Egypt have discovered that simply carrying a mobile phone can cause substantial increase in erectile dysfunction.

How EMF Radiation Affects Sexual Health

results, which were published in the central European Journal of Urology, showed that men who carried switched-on phones had a higher chance of developing ED.

To complete the study, a group of 20 men who had complained of erectile dysfunction symptoms were compared to a control group of 10 healthy men with no sexual complaints. There were no significant differences between the groups in terms of age, smoking, drug usage, health or any other habits; the main factor differentiating the two groups was mobile phone usage.


On average, the men with ED symptoms carried their phones for 4 or more hours daily, while men with no sexual health complaints carried their phones for fewer than 1.8 hours each day.

Note that the men in the study did not need to actively use their phones to experience these symptoms; simply carrying a phone was enough.

The reason for this is EMF radiation caused by the electromagnetic frequency emitted by wireless devices.

This frequency is what enables a mobile phone to connect to WiFi signals and triangulate with satellites for GPS tracking; unfortunately, it can also unbalance the natural electromagnetic field around your body, leading to serious health concerns ranging from sexual dysfunction to cancer.

As stated in the paper’s abstract, the researchers “found a potential correlation with cell phone usage and a negative impact on EF. Further large–scale studies confirming our initial data and exploring the mechanisms involved in this phenomenon are recommended.”

And these aren’t the only such studies that have been conducted. In fact, the relationship between the causes of erectile dysfunction and mobile phone radiation has been independently studied many times as mobile phone usage becomes more ubiquitous. The findings are pretty much unanimous.


Offsetting the Risks of EMF Radiation

The proximity of the switched-on mobile phone to an individual’s sexual organs is likely responsible for the development in erectile dysfunction. Most men carry their phones in their hip pockets or holsters looped through their belts, keeping radiation close to the body and increasing the risks of sexual side effects.

One obvious solution to the problem is to reduce the reliance on radiation-producing electronic devices. With health risks linked to mobile phones, laptop computers, WiFi-enabled devices and other electronics, exposure to these devices should be kept to a minimum. For example, leaving your phone at home during the day or simply turning it off when not in use can reduce the effects of radiation.

Reducing your overall screen time in front of computers, televisions and mobile devices is also a key factor in maintaining your body’s health.

EMF Protection

However, while sound in theory, reducing your electronics usage can be challenging in practice. Like it or not, we’re reliant on technology in our work and home life, and reducing our exposure to radiation-producing sources is not always possible. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate the damage by using EMF protection devices. These block the effect of the radiation on the body, disrupting its harmful properties and allowing you to coexist peacefully with your electronics.